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Special Needs

Tenfold Camp Caterers NZ

Hi, We cater for school and weekend camps around the greater auckland and Islands

we try and cater for all needs ,at no added cost, beef, chicken ,fish, or vegie , also special needs, but no responsibility can be taken for the heath and well being of any person .
i.e, gluten free,wheet free,dairy free,nuts free,/HALAL MEAT TO BE SUPPLIED BY PARENTS PLEASE;

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No Responsibility can be taken for health & safety of special needs,, camp organizer must organize one person to health & safety All food before each meal.... No camp kitchen food can be eaten  by " Special needs" people  without it first being ok by  the person responsible to do  ,,

we do our best to cater for all special needs within the time we have,

We prefer not to have campers email us or phone us regarding their needs as this makes it very hard on us .. as they phone us at all hours and when we are busy..and people get upset with us when we say that we can't talk ....We prefer to  leave all Special Needs to the camp organizer
to get back to us on..thank you for your understanding ..Cheers
Sadhana & Selwyn

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