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Hi, we cater for camps around the greater auckland and and our offshore Islands ...order camp menu 2 weeks before camp please:..Selwyn & Sadhana,

Our Guarantee To You Is A Well Fed Up Camp...........there are ....No Hungry Campers At Any Of Our Camps......We are in camp to Please you

Image: whats on the menu ??

Our Guarantee For School Camps with seconds to have you all well fed up with the choice of your own  camp menu,,{Dinner to lunch next day is one day,} 
with a High Energy good Healthy Food ..Our Aim is to keep our cost down For School Camps so more Kids can enjoy camps .... We try our best to offer to you the best camp catering.........At the Best Price in NZ ...With no hungry campers at any of our camps, tea & coffee on tap all day

PLEASE SEE.. EXTRA MENU at bottom of page for any EXTRAS you may like....school Camps
**Weekend Camps are all included in the Costs

School Camp Menu...Breakfast,Lunch & Dinner & Dessert,-cold water Hot cocoa X2**morning tea,afternoon & supper as Extras or you are welcome to bring your own home baking/ Fruit is an Extra 50c pp for morning or afternoon tea-/tea & coffee cold water..on tap all day,
***See Weekend Camp Menu at bottom of page you can  choose  for Dinner.. all Included in your Cost

Breakfast..two courses

Image: toast

Standard Breakfast
 muesli, weetbix, cornflakes, porridge, riceies , , ,,,, toast,jam  ,  spaghetti, & bake beans,,  Hot cocoa~,
( menu choice $2.00 pp extra each) Bacon eggs hash browns sausages

morning tea..cold drinks (schools are welcome to bring home baking Or fruit) Fruit @ 50c pp

Lunch....comes with a fruit platter & a salad

Image: Hot bread

Image: Hamburgers

Image: Hot dog

((1 choice per day please)     
Pizza's-all-u-can-eat,with salads& fruit...... McSelwyn's burgers-beef-fish chicken (vegie)  egg,  salads &fruit,.....away from camp Pack lunch filled rolls cold meats salads apple ... at camp Filled rolls ...
sausage sizzle with onions Tomato Sauce  & fruit..........Mouse traps (spaghetti,Ham, cheese on bun) with salad & fruit  ........ Ham macaroni cheese & salad.& Fruit..
McSelwyn's burgers & Pizza's are the Best in Camp
**may comes with.(.selwyn's choice ).bread ,salads onions cheese ,potatoes rice,beetroot,tomatoes,eggs ,pineapple rings,sauces etc,
( menu choice Extra)

afternnon tea..cold drinks (schools are welcome to bring home baking)

Dinner....comes with a salad or beetroot

Image: Meats

Image: potatoes

Image: vegies

Image: vegies

(1 choice per day please )  .........Meat, (camp's-choice)
Roast Chicken drumsticks in gravy............Lasagne (camp made)...........Chilli con carne,.........nachos  .........meat lovers pizza with salads ......... Bbq-sausages,........ McSelwyn's Burgers-fish-beef-chicken ........spaghetti Bolognese..... mild Beef curry.(yummy) ....cottage pie...Bangers & mash with egg & onions..Crumbed Fish fillets
**Specialties..Roast chicken drumsticks in gravy & A Mild Beef curry.(yummy)

 all with potatoes, 2~3 veg,salad,etc, (selwyn's-choice) (Roast potatoes,peas,mix veg,rice,noodles with veg,corn chips,chilli beans,onions,corn,Roast carrots, Roast pumkin,Roast Kumara,Roast Mix Veg ,dinner rolls ,beetrot,mix beans, lettuce salad,gravy,tom/sauce,as per meal) a well fed up menu,
( menu choice Extra)


Desserts comes with lots of ice cream

Image: Jelly ice cream fruit salad

Image: brithday cake

Image: apple crumble

1 choice per day please) 
apple crumble & custard,,...... Banana Split,.... Ice cream sundae .....peachers custard & ice cream..(.Winter only June~Sept.Hot chocolate sauce pud with  ice cream).....jelly-ice cream ..chocolate mousse & peachers.....( we proud ourselves ..by giving out lots of ice cream )
( menu choice Extra)

Supper..Hot Cocoa..schools are welcome to bring home baking

Image: supper

Image: coffee & Tea on tap all day

Image: Bed time 4 me

lunch,dinner,dessert,1 choice each per day please,vegie ok,** we reserve the right to add to,or change the menu if need be,
**extra's can be added to the menu
** morning-afternoon tea,, ,,**Tea & Coffee on Tap all day 4 teachers etc,
***Home Baking is Welcome ,

Weekend Camps incl in cost
or Schools camp added cost ..Please feel free: To take any Extras
to make your camp that wee bit nicer .....

Full Monty..scambled Egg,Bacon, bake beans,spaghetti,,hash browns,sausages, on toast~$6.00, pp
Scrambled eggs $2.00 pp
sausages $2.00 pp
Bacon $2 pp
hash browns $2 pp

fruit for Schools 50c pp or . scones or blueberry muffins with butter & jam  $1.00 pp


Hot Cocoa (2 incl per day 3rd @$10.00 per pot)
fruit for schools 50c   scones or blueberry muffins.with butter & jam $1.00 pp


Braised Steak with onions,$3.00 pp
Ham on bone~$5.00, pp
Roast of whole topside $5.00 pp

biscuits 50c pp

Image: fruit in season

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