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Hi Schools
We have been camp catering now for over 25 years...(now that our two sons have left home..)  My wife" Sadhana" is now helping me with the camps,..It's starting to prove to much for me doing all the camps  by myself .....  The Same Guarantee of a Well Fed Up Camp.........no hungry campers at any of our camps

camp News For Schools..
2014...We are going to have to put up our price  (first time in about 3 years,) to $18.00 pp per day all incl  this is something that we didn't want to do ....But all our costs have gone up,

(University of Otago says it cost $18.28c to feed a Adolescent Boy per day)
** But Good News...we have found a camping trust who will help pay for any kids from low Declies schools  who cant afford  the camp food costs,  To go to camp..(4 day camp only),. ,(or) schools who kids are really in need,             To all... who this may help ...please ask,.... It's not the Kids fault .......

Our Aim Is...That all Your Kids may get to go to camp

To all other camps...weekends & non Schools please ask,

some feed back
"Yes, we were very happy thank you for being so flexible and friendly.

We would certainly use you again - well if I have any input as to choice anyway.

Thank you for the card and best of luck with the rest of your year."

Clayton park School ..May 2013

Date:   2013-06-17
Name:   grey lynn school

we would love to have you again. Sadhana was amazing. The kids LOVED her food and she was so lovely to work with :)

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